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CHINAEVSE has been a leading ev charger manufacturer in electric vehicle supply equipments(EVSE), offer complete solution for EV charging station such as AC EV Charger, FAST DC EV charger, ultra fast EV charger, Portable EV charger, Charging adapters & cables, CMS, RFID and bank pos system for charging station, Certificated by UL, ETL, FCC, TUV, CE, CB, ISO, cTUVus, RoHS etc.

With over 350 professional worker, 20 after-sales technician and 20 R&D engineer, CHINAEVSE are on the position to offer any customized design according to different requirements, CHINAEVSE can offer complete solution from design, R&D, manufacturing, shipping, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance service. With guaranteed quality, competitive prices and comprehensive after-sale support, CHINAEVSE products have been exported to more than 100 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America.

CHINAEVSE AC EV Chargers support home and commercial(OCPP) Application, Type 1, Type 2, GB/T standards, 3.5kw(16A), 7kw(32A), 11kw(16A), 22kw(32A), Wall mounted and vertical chargers, OEM and ODM will be available for clients. Please visit:

CHINAEVSE DC EV Chargers support GBT, CCS, and CHAdeMO charging output at the same time (optional), Three outputs can include two DC and one AC charging guns, The installation will be simple, fast, and easy, Support open communication protocol OCPP and advertising display screen.

CHINAEVSE Portable EV Chargers support Type 1, Type 2, GB/T standards, 2kw(10A), 3.5kw(16A), 7kw(32A), 9.6kw(40A), 11.5kw(48A),11kw(16A), 22kw(32A), The current can be fixed or adjustable, Also which can make appointment for charging time, Power cords will follow standards from different countries. Please visit:

if you want to be the leader in local in EV field, CHINAEVSE will be your strong partner in the future!

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