MAJOR Benefits of owning a Tesla

Tesla automobiles are well-known for more than just their zero-emission and autonomous driving features. Think about these eight amazing Tesla perks.

Hey everybody, Mike Seuss here with a video for any of you who are thinking about getting a Tesla as your first electric vehicle. Grab a snack, and let’s speak about all the fantastic advantages of owning a Tesla over a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

Okay, so there has been a lot of interest in electric cars, especially Tesla, as a result of rising gas prices and automakers beginning to switch to electric vehicles. Most people want to switch in order to save money on petrol, which is a wonderful cause, but there are a lot more benefits than just that. Today, I’m going to list ALL of these benefits as well as any drawbacks.


We’ll begin by discussing the layout and functionality of the car. Teslas are made to be simple and simple to operate so you can concentrate on driving and staying safe on the road. Tesla achieves this by removing obstructive mechanical buttons and other extraneous interior features in favour of a 15-inch touch screen that can be configured to display your most frequently used buttons for quick access. The two multipurpose scroll wheels on the steering wheel are the only mechanical controls remained, and they are used to operate the windows and doors as well as other amenities. In the same way that they would be on a typical car, the steering wheel also has gear selections, turn signals, and windscreen wipers.

A minor drawback would be learning how to use various buttons on the touch screen, but like with everything, once you do, you won’t even give it a second thought.
Being able to forget about your keys is another aspect of simplicity of use. With a Tesla, there is no physical car key; instead, your smartphone functions as a wireless key. Just by approaching or leaving your automobile, you can unlock and lock your doors. There is no need to input a key or press a start button; just sit down in your and it will recognise who is driving and modify your mirrors, settings, seat, and steering wheel accordingly.

With the Tesla app, you can practically lock and unlock your car from anywhere in the globe, adjust the windows’ position, open the trunk and frunk, flash your lights, and honk the horn. Later on in this video, I’ll go through a few additional crucial things you may accomplish with the app. All Teslas come with two card keys that can be used in place of your phone if it dies, in case you’re wondering what would happen.


Since 2014, almost all automobiles have had some kind of infotainment system with features like satellite radio and navigation. With the arrival of apple car play and android auto, you can take things even further by installing tailored apps to improve your driving experience. Although having this in your car is a nice idea, Tesla takes it to a whole other level. the addition of a 15-inch touch screen. with ample room on the screen to view a variety of things, including navigation, speed, nearby objects and traffic, and your current entertainment. every one at once!

This is important since it frees up your hands so you can drive safely and not have to use them to navigate through your phone’s many apps. Your line of sight is levelled and everything is visible. You may view content on applications like YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, and even Twitch and TikTok if you enjoy taking road trips! Video games are also included whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, with classics like Sonic the Hedgehog and Cuphead. Teslas also come with a fully functional internet browser in case you ever need to connect to the internet.

In addition to having these features and benefits over conventional cars, these EVs also have much better technology than other EVs. The infotainment system operates smoothly and quickly without any lag or freezes. The best part of anything is if you pay for premium connectivity. You can’t get that with Apple Car Play or Android Auto because your Tesla will always be immediately linked to the internet, meaning you won’t even need your phone nearby to do everything I’ve stated.


Okay, so having the most cutting-edge entertainment features, insane performance, and zero upkeep is awesome, but the most crucial characteristic to look for when shopping for your next automobile is how safe it will protect you in a variety of circumstances.

Tesla’s incredible safety features are the most underappreciated aspect. Let’s go through a few features and how they contribute to Teslas being the most secure business vehicle in the world. Yes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration AND the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety both gave Tesla automobiles a perfect 5-star rating in every single category. How? Teslas’ lack of an engine up front means that the steel and aluminium will mostly deflect impact energy. This is one of the primary causes.

Teslas have the lowest rollover risk of any SUV ever created thanks to its low centre of gravity and bottom-mounted battery, which weighs the vehicle down and prevents it from rolling over.

The Roof is the strongest roof ever built for a commercially produced automobile since it can support 6 times its own weight, which is more than 20,00 pounds or the weight of 5 Model 3s.

Last but not least, Teslas feature a total of 8 cameras, which serve as an extra set of eyes and can spot vehicles, objects, and even pedestrians while you’re driving. These cameras may then alert the car to any threats so that it can take the appropriate action.

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