How to Install MetroNet Internet Yourself at Home?

Installing MetroNet’s internet yourself at home is easy. Here are the steps to Install MetroNet internet at home and use the Wi-Fi without any hassle!

Can I Install MetroNet Internet Myself

Table of Contents:

·        Introduction

·        MetroNet Internet Packages

1.      MetroNet 100 MB

2.      MetroNet 500 MB

3.      MetroNet 1 Gig

4.      MetroNet 2 Gig

·        How to Install MetroNet Internet at Home

1.      Step 1: Connect the DSL/Cable Modem

2.      Step 2: Connect the Router to the DSL/Cable Modem

3.      Step 3: Check the Lights on the Modem and Router

4.      Step 4: Sign in Your SSID

·        MetroNet Free Installation

·        Final Thoughts


Almost every home in the United States has an internet connection that lets them stay connected to the rest of the world. With an internet connection, you can stay updated with current affairs, access various entertainment options, like movies, TV shows, and games, work from remote locations, like your home, and access resources for learning, research, or any other purpose.

A lot of people switch internet connections due to issues like slow internet speeds, reliability, interruptions, and more. If you’re one of them, you may have been looking for options on the market. One of the most common names you must’ve heard is MetroNet.

MetroNet is one of the biggest internet service providers in the United States offering services in 13 states. If you’re planning to switch to MetroNet, here’s what package you can choose and the process of installing MetroNet Internet at your home.

MetroNet Internet Packages

MetroNet offers a variety of internet deals and packages that you can subscribe to. Here’s every MetroNet deal explained in detail:

MetroNet 100 MB

MetroNet presents a starting internet package called the MetroNet 100 Mb [TMU1] plan, which targets individual residential users in particular. If you have moderate online needs, this package is ideally suited for you since activities like social media interaction, occasional streaming, and similar light internet activities.

The MetroNet 100 MB plan is intentionally designed to cater to the needs of one to two internet users since it can only connect 5 devices at a time. If your household comprises more than this number, it is advisable to look at other package options.

For a detailed breakdown of this package, take a look at the details below:

MetroNet 100 Mb

Internet Speed

100 Mbps

Data Limit


Maximum Connections



$49.95 per month

MetroNet 500 MB

If you require a suitable plan that caters to the needs of more than two internet users and facilitates typical usage patterns, MetroNet’s 500 Mb [TMU2] package stands out as an excellent option. This package is well-suited for households where internet activities don’t primarily revolve around work or gaming.

It serves as an excellent fit for individuals residing with family members or children, as the internet connection allows simultaneous lightweight streaming on multiple devices. Below, you’ll find the specifics of this package:

MetroNet 500 Mb

Internet Speed

500 Mbps

Data Limit


Maximum Connections



$69.95 per month

MetroNet 1 Gig

MetroNet 1 Gig [TMU3] delivers exceptional internet speeds at affordable rates, making it one of the most cost-effective packages available! It is particularly popular among people who work from their homes due to its capacity to seamlessly handle multiple file downloads/uploads, uninterrupted video conferences, and efficient management of communication tasks like messaging and emailing.

In addition to its professional utility, this package provides an outstanding entertainment experience. It enables smooth, buffer-free 4K HD video streaming and supports lightweight online gaming without encountering lag or a drop in frame rate.

Here are the complete details and price of the package:

MetroNet 1 Gig

Internet Speed

1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)

Data Limit


Maximum Connections

No Restriction


$89.95 per month

MetroNet 2 Gig

If you’re not satisfied with 1 Gig, MetroNet 2 Gig offers even higher download and upload speeds. This package interests online gamers in particular since they can pursue competitive gaming with the internet as fast! With up to 2 Gbps, you will not experience any sort of ping, packet loss, or frame rate drop.

Apart from that, you can stream up to 8K ultra HD videos without buffer on multiple devices and do pretty much anything on the internet without any delays. Further details of the package are listed below:

MetroNet 2 Gig

Internet Speed

2 Gbps (2000 Mbps)

Data Limit


Maximum Connections

No Restriction


$119.95 per month

How to Install MetroNet Internet at Home

If you’ve decided on a package, now is the time to install your internet connection. If your home has adequate wiring and equipment, you can install your internet yourself. Take a look at the steps below:

Step 1: Connect the DSL/Cable Modem

Get your new DSL or cable modem and carefully place it on a wall or a desk. Plug the modem into a cable, coaxial, or fiber jack through an Ethernet or optical jack.

Step 2: Connect the Router to the DSL/Cable Modem

Now connect your Wi-Fi router to the DSL modem via the Ethernet cable you plugged into your router. The Wi-Fi router is responsible for transmitting wireless signals that you can connect to your phones, tablets, or other devices and use the internet. You can also attach an Ethernet cable from your Wi-Fi router directly to your computer and laptop but mobile phones and tablets don’t have that option.

Step 3: Check the Lights on the Modem and Router

Once you’re done plugging the router and modem together, make sure the lights on both devices are blinking. The most common indicator of proper internet function is the light that’s labeled WAN or has a globe icon. If there’s a green light on, this means your internet is up and running. If the light is red or not present, this indicates that your internet is working despite you getting Wi-Fi signals on your devices.

Step 4: Sign in Your SSID

Your Wi-Fi router has an ID and a passcode written on it, known as an SSID. Check your Wi-Fi’s SSID and log in on your devices to start using your Wi-Fi. You just have to log in once on every device. You can also change the setting and disable the mandatory log-in upon connecting a new device if you want.

MetroNet Free Installation

If you’re planning to get MetroNet, you don’t have to worry about installing the internet yourself. MetroNet offers free and swift installation of internet along with every package they offer. Furthermore, you’ll also get a new Wi-Fi router without any additional costs upon subscription!

Final Thoughts

Without the need to worry about installation costs or long waiting times, you can subscribe to one of MetroNet’s packages today and get it installed by professionals immediately. If you have any questions or need further clarity regarding any internet package or services, you can get in touch with the MetroNet customer service team via phone or email today!

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