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Do you intend to open a car garage? Every year, many entrepreneurs are enticed by this professional project, especially because it is a field of enthusiasts in constant development with ongoing needs. However, in order to get started, certain steps must be taken. Let’s take a look at this situation.

The work done in a car garage is meant to maintain and repair all different kinds of automobiles through inspections, controls, and mechanical and electrical activities. Regular maintenance, major repairs, and repairs are all services offered by the auto technician.

Additionally, a mechanic may market maintenance supplies, auto accessories, or even new or pre-owned vehicles. He must give his customers a car that is in good working condition because he is subject to an obligation of outcome, which must be distinguished from an obligation of means.

When a business has no more than 10 employees, this type of activity is categorised as a craft activity; however, when the business has more than 10 employees or engages in the purchase-resale business, it is classed as a commercial activity.

The market is tremendously booming because there are always wants. In France, there are almost 27,000 businesses of this nature, with a combined annual sales of 4.5 billion euros. An average garage generates 170,000 euros in revenue annually.

You need to have specialised training to open an auto garage. Therefore, you must absolutely earn a master’s degree (BM) in repairer and manager of automobile maintenance or a certificate of professional aptitude (CAP) in motor vehicle maintenance.

You might choose to work for yourself or sign on as a franchisee of a car company in order to start your own garage. Although franchising is an option that gives many new business owners comfort, it is not without drawbacks.

The franchise has the following benefits:

Brand awareness is a plus that can comfort clients; profitability is generally better; you don’t need as much of an upfront investment as creating an independent garage because the brand assists you and supplies you with equipment. You are accompanied by the brand and can benefit from its know-how.
Even with its benefits, franchising has certain drawbacks.

You will be required to pay an entry fee and ongoing royalties; you also sign a contract with the brand that imposes restrictions on your freedoms and binds you to specific obligations.
If the franchise tempts you, you must choose a sign that serves your needs because every brand has a niche market.

Another option is to take over an existing garage, which is a clever move if the place is already profitable, or you might start your own garage totally.

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