Factors That Influence Car Window Tinting Prices

Do you want to tint the windows of your car but are worried about paying more than you have to? Car window tinting prices can be based on various factors, such as what kind of car you drive, the size of its windows, how many windows it has, what tinting film you want, and of course, the set prices of different window tinting companies.

Typically, car window tinting prices in Australia are usually between $450 and $750 for basic car window tinting work, while bigger or more complex tinting work can cost as much as $1,000. If you’re considering getting your car windows tinted, here are some factors that can influence the price of professional car window tinting services. 

The Type of Vehicle Being Tinted

Perhaps the biggest factor in determining car window tinting prices is what type of vehicle is having its windows tinted. Some vehicles are more difficult and take longer to tint than others due to their size and how many windows they have.

For instance, tinting the front, backand side windows of an average sized sedan can cost as little as $240 to $330 or as much as $500 if a more expensive type of tinting film is being installed. As SUVs are bigger and can have more windows, it can take longer to complete these jobs, making the price higher.

The Type of Tint Film Used

Car window tinting prices can be affected by what kind of tint film is being installed. Standard dyed tint films are the cheapest window tinting product on the market, which is ideal for car owners that just want basic tinting work done. However, the issue with dyed film is that it offers less protection from heat and UV rays and is more likely to peel, bubble and crack over time, which doesn’t look good and can cost more money in the long run if it needs replacing. 

If potential ongoing costs are a concern, choosing ceramic or metallised tint films could be the best option. Ceramic and metallised tint films are higher quality materials that provide better solar heat and UV ray protection, glare reduction and glass shatter protection. Although ceramic and metallised tint films can cost more to install, they can work out to be cheaper in the long run, as it’s far less likely they’ll need to be replaced over time.

The Set Prices of Different Tinting Companies

As is the case with any kind of business, every tinting company will have their own set prices for different tinting jobs and will charge customers accordingly. Their set car window tinting prices will likely be based on the above factors such as the type of vehicle and the type of tint film used, as well as things like experience and whether they offer a mobile tinting service. Car owners wanting to get their car windows tinted should shop around to determine the going rate for tinting, ensuring they’ll pay a fair price.  

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